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  • Boiler flow meter scrutinized for boiler control - Sage

    -burning natural gas. FCI's inline ST75A flow meter is ideal for the measurement of natural gas, other industrial specialty gases and air in line sizes from 0.25 inches to 2 inches. It features a solid-state thermal dispersion mass flow sensing element with platinum RTDs in equal massLearn More

  • Insertion Mass Flow Meter - BoilerTrak™ 620S BT

    Mar 06, 2015 · Thermal Mass Flow Meter Increases Boiler & Heater Efficiency. BoilerTrak™ is designed to provide an economical and easy to install solution for precise natural gas measurement to heaters and boilers to increase efficiency. The instrument also suited for compliance to new regulations for burning natural gas in commercial boiler applications.Learn More

  • Natural Gas Flow Measurement and Monitoring Using Mass

    Jul 28, 2020 · Thermal flow meters excel in natural gas flow monitoring and measurement applications: building management systems, combustion control, and submetering. Combustion Control One of the most important methods to reduce energy consumption in a manufacturing environment is to optimize the combustion control of industrial boilers, steam generators Learn More

  • Propane - Sage Natural Gas Flow Meter and Thermal Mass

    In the event of a natural gas disruption, propane makes a reasonable backup for natural gas, and thermal mass flow meters improve combustion control and efficiency to the boiler. Propane versus Natural Gas. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas and oil production, with over 90% of it coming from natural gas. Learn More

  • New SIL 2 Rated FCI FS10i Flow Meters Are Perfect Fit For

    Compressed Air and Natural Gas Flow Measurement Ideal for Boilers, Clean Room Air Flow, Calciners, Compressed Air, Engines, Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens, Paint Booths, Packaging Equipment and Cost Submetering San Marcos, CA — As the only SIL 2 rated thermal flow meters in their class, the new FS10i Series from FluidLearn More

  • FCI meter designed for gas flow measurement

    Sep 22, 2021 · The FS10i flow meter series is an economical and easy to install solution to measure the flow rate of air and natural gas. Fluid Components International recently unveiled its FS10i series of flow meters, which are designed for gas compression, boilers, clean room air flow, calciners, engines and furnaces. The FS10i series are the only SIL-2 Learn More

  • 1 NPT Thermal Mass Flow Meter | Natural Gas - Low Pressure

    Natural Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Boilers Specifications. Choose Material 316 SS, 6061 T6 Aluminum or Nylon 6/6; Very low pressure drop for Natural Gas Flow Measurement into boilers. Choose Air Flow ranges 0- 10, 15, and 0-20 SCFM. Custom …Learn More

  • How To Calculate Natural Gas Boiler Consumption--ZBG

    The boiler gas consumption calculation need the following parameters: such as natural gas calorific value 8500kcal/m3, pressure 8-10Kpa, and theoretically, the gas consumption of boiler heat = boiler calorific value÷(Calorific value of natural gas x Boiler thermal efficiency )= 2400 000 Kcal / (8500Kcal * 0.94) =297m3/h, here we take 4 tons of Learn More

  • Clocking a Gas Meter (Natural Gas) – SAI Global

    Jun 18, 2018 · Gas volume = 350 cubic feet (Assuming 1,000btu/cf for Natural Gas) Time = 103 seconds (equates to 0.0286 hours) This data tells me our gas flow is approximately 12,233cfh @ 5psi. With a little math, if you calculated the boiler horsepower would be 390HP, you've got it down. This seems reasonable, if our boiler is rated for 400HP.Learn More

  • Gas Flow Meter Kits | SCC Inc.

    A commissioning kit displays the current gas flow in SCFH for accurate commissioning of a boiler. Flow totalization kits are available to measure gas flow and transmit the information to a LMV controller, PLC, or touchscreen. FMC109-800A is a commissioning tool which measures and displays the instantaneous flow of natural gas in standard cubic Learn More


    Some states within the U.S. are requiring that any appliance including boilers have a flow meter to monitor the gas usage. Even if the gas usage for a particular location is only for the boilers, some state regulations as stipulated by the EPA, will not accept the reading from the local gas company's meter set or their usage that is reported on the monthly usage bill.Learn More

  • Measuring Natural Gas in Boiler and Furnace Applications

    Beyond the efficiency, implementing natural gas meters preserves the safety of everyone in the building. ONICON's F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters are used to measure natural gas flows throughout your HVAC system. They provide high accuracy, low pressure drop, and mass flow readings which are easily integrated into the BAS/EMS.Learn More

  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Natural Gas | LEOMI

    LEOMI has a proven natural gas flow measurement solutions for the applications ranging from natural gas distribution, gas burner control, gas-fired boiler efficiency used in food, steel foundries, ceramics & refractory, glass & plastic production, textiles, automobiles various heating requirements.Learn More

  • exhauted gas flow rate calculation for boiler – CFBC

    Most furnaces and boilers burn natural gas, fuel oil or liquefied petroleum gas air to fuel ratio, AFs, the combustion air mass flow rate, mca, and natural gas mass . Calculate the combustion efficiency of natural gas furnace if the temperature of the Supplying less than stoichiometric air causes some fuel to be exhausted . boiler shell.Learn More

  • what flow meter for natural gas boiler

    Boiler - ONICON Flow and Energy Measurement. A flow meter is used to measure gas flow and should demonstrate high accuracy, low-pressure drop, and direct mass flow readings. High-quality natural gas measurement increases efficiency in boiler/burner control, fuel-to …Learn More

  • Multifamily Program with metering incentives - NW Natural

    You want to track centralized natural gas usage for commercial boilers and ground-floor commercial spaces as well as all connected residential units. You should know. Your incremental house-piping costs may be slightly higher than if you have individual meter rooms because NW Natural is not extending service up to each floor. Available in Learn More

  • Siemens Combustion Controls - Gas Flow Meter Kits

    Reliably measures and displays the instantaneous flow of natural gas or propane. A commissioning kit is available to display the current gas flow in SCFH for accurate commissioning of a boiler. Automatically compensates for temperature and pressure …Learn More

  • Natural Gas Flow Switch | Products & Suppliers

    Description: flow, combustion air flow, natural gas fuel flow, boiler efficiency, custody transfer and stack gas emissions flow monitoring. The Model 640S gas flow meters also features a high temperature option ( 750 degrees F) and a self-cleaning Computer Controllable: Yes; Display: Digital Display; Electrical Output: Analog Current, Analog Learn More

  • Siemens Combustion Controls - Gas Flow Meter Kits

    Reliably measures and displays the instantaneous flow of natural gas or propane. A commissioning kit is available to display the current gas flow in SCFH for accurate commissioning of a boiler. Automatically compensates for temperature and pressure of the gas. Mounts on pipe sizes ranging from 1″ to 6″.Learn More

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    Boiler flow meter scrutinized for boiler control | Sage MeteringLearn More